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Legends of Iguazú Falls

Iguazú Falls is where three countries collide, so if you’ve got a week you can explore Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay in a single trip for a real South American adventure...

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Travel Icon: Iguaçu Falls

This jungle hotspot on the border of Brazil and Argentina remains an awe-inspiring must-see – here's one traveller's first impression

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Taking the family to watch moonbows over Victoria Falls

The Cagols decided to travel around the world to introduce their kids to truly wondrous experiences. Will a moonbow over Victoria Falls be one of them?

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Escape to Victoria Falls

Wander Woman Marie Javins (and Tintin) escape the Democratic Republic of Congo and into the welcoming embrace of Zambia

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7 ways to see Victoria Falls

It’s one of the world’s greatest sights – but will only take a few days. Mike Unwin explains the best ways you can extend your stay to make the most out of Africa

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