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 Discover the world's most fulfilling travel experiences in the most intrepid destinations. In the Off the Page podcast, you'll be transported inside the pages of our magazine to meet the incredible writers and explorers who bring the world’s far-flung corners to life with their incredible tales from the road. Each series is hosted by Wanderlust's Lyn Hughes, Rosie Fitzgerald and Rhodri Andrews, with interviews by Aaron Millar. 


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SERIES 6 EPISODE 1: Hot List: From Shrines to Safaris - Top Travel Destinations for 2024

In this episode, join Wanderlust travel editors to discover their favourite destinations to visit in 2024...

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Series five

SERIES 5 EPISODE 5: The Timeless Charm of Azerbaijan, from Silk Road Villages to Ski Chalets (Partner special)

In this episode, listen as Mark Elliott guides you through the wealth of history, culture and nature found in little known Azerbaijan...

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SERIES 5 EPISODE 4: Germany's UNESCO Heritage, From Medieval Marvels to Fishy Fossils (Partner special)

In this episode, follow along on our journey to discover Germany's unique heritage sites, with quaint baroque towns, fairytale castles, and recently unearthed ancient fossils...

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SERIES 5 EPISODE 3: Happy Birthday, Wanderlust: 30 Years of Veering off the Beaten Track

In this episode, listen as founding editor Lyn Hughes and editor-in-chief George Kipouros share their many stories from the magazine's founding, as well as where it's heading next...

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SERIES 5 EPISODE 2: Indigenous Alberta: Medicine Walks, Horse Treks, and Northern Lights (Partner special)

In this episode, get to know the real Alberta through the traditions and stories of its Indigenous communities...

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SERIES 5 EPISODE 1: The Abundant and Astonishing Azores (Partner special)

In this episode, we find out why The Azores are one of the best-kept secrets of travel for nature lovers...

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Series four

SERIES 4 EPISODE 9: California dreaming (Partner special)

In this episode, you'll get to know the 'Road Trip Republic' and experience some of the sights you can only find in the Golden State...

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SERIES 4 EPISODE 8: Untouched Paradise in Tobago (Partner special)

In this episode, you'll hear from Tobago locals as they discuss the island's remarkable nature and wildlife, as well as its unique cultural festivals and longstanding traditions...

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SERIES 4 EPISODE 7: Ivory Lace to Emerald Lakes: The Highlights of Colourful Croatia (Partner Special)

In this episode, Croatia travel writing experts reveal the best cultural encounters, island getaways and nature hikes for experiencing untouched, authentic Croatia...

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SERIES 4 EPISODE 6: The First Annual Travel Green List for Sustainable Globetrotting

In this episode, join Wanderlust Editors as they highlight some of their favourite travel destinations and experiences on Wanderlust's first ever annual Travel Green List for 2023.

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SERIES 4 EPISODE 5: Empires of the Dunes: A Journey Through Algeria's Rich Mosaic With Mark Stratton

In this episode, Wanderlust contributor Mark Stratton explores the unique culture and history of Africa's largest country.

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SERIES 4 EPISODE 4: An Ancient City Full of Life: Discovering Diriyah, the Birthplace of Saudi Arabia (Partner Special)

In this episode, join Juliet Rix and Lyn Hughes as they recount their trip to the ancient mud-brick city of Diriyah.

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SERIES 4 EPISODE 3: The USA's Pacific Northwest in Living Colour

In this episode, Gareth Clark recounts his memorable moments from a trip through Washington and Oregon in the fall.

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SERIES 4 EPISODE 2: Brass, Bayous, and Beignets: Roadtripping Louisiana's Southern Heartland (Partner Special)

In this episode, host Aaron Millar explores the history, colourful art, soulful food and joyous spirit of Louisiana.

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SERIES 4 EPISODE 1: 2023 Hot List: From Rainforests to Robots

In this episode, Wanderlust Editor-in-Chief George Kipouros, Founding Editor Lyn Hughes, and Special Features Editor Rosie Fitzgerald discuss some of their favourite destinations and travel experiences from the 2023 Hot List.

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SERIES 3 EPISODE 3: The Wonderful Curiosities of Christmas Island with Martin Symington

In this episode, join Martin as he recounts his escapades to some of the most remote corners of Christmas Island

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SERIES 3 EPISODE 2: Wandering Through Bavaria's Most Whimsical Castles with Andrew Eames

In the episode, Andrew will drop us into the unexpected, dazzling interior of a mountainside mansion; walk us through the manmade caves and whimsical secret passageways of Linderhof Castle; and share the story of a king whose life was both delightful and tragic.

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SERIES 3 EPISODE 1: Exploring the Amazon Through Indigenous Eyes with Alex Robinson

In this episode, travel writer Alex Robinson recounts his eye-opening voyage down the Rio Negro, discovering the more mysterious side to Brazil's Amazon through jungle treks, river adventures and rare wildlife.

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SERIES 2 EPISODE 6: Deep South USA: The Write Way

This episode follows travel writer Jacqui Agate on a literary themed road trip across the Deep South USA, a part of the world that has inspired some of the great American writers, from Faulkner and Harper Lee to Tennessee Williams and more.

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SERIES 2 EPISODE 5: Eco-tourism and Aboriginal Culture in New South Wales, Australia (Partner special)

This episode explores eco-tourism and indigenous culture in two of Australia's most spectacular spots: Tanja Lagoon Camp on the Sapphire Coast, and Wajaana Yaam Adventure Tours, in Gumbaynggirr Country, near Coffs Harbour.  Inspired by these adventures? Trailfinders is the No.1 Tour Operator to Australia, so head over to trailfinders.com or call 020 7368 1200 and their expert consultants can plan your perfect holiday to New South Wales.

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SERIES 2 EPISODE 4: South Georgia: A Journey of Endurance

In this episode, regular Wanderlust contributor Mark Stratton relives his journey of a lifetime to South Georgia, following in the footsteps of legendary explorer Ernest Shackleton. 

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SERIES 2 EPISODE 3: The Timeless Coastline of Northern France

In this episode, travel writer and global citizen Katja Gaskell explores the layered history, culture and beauty of Northern France's timeless coastline.  

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SERIES 2 EPISODE 2: Summer in Switzerland: Mountain Magic in Valais and Bern (Partner special)

In this episode, travel writer and Swiss resident Caroline Bishop takes us on a tour of two of Switzerland's most beautiful regions: Valais and the Bernese Oberland.

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SERIES 2 EPISODE 1: Adventure on the Mississippi

In this episode, follow travel writer Lynn Houghton on a canoe journey along the Mississippi River, followed by a classic American road trip on the historic Natchez Trace Parkway.

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SERIES 1 EPISODE 6: Vietnam by Rail with Alex Robinson

In this episode, award-winning travel writer Alex Robinson discusses the highlights and surprises of taking the Vietnam's Reunification Express. Find out how this epic journey is perhaps the best way to visit Vietnam's UNESCO sites. 

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SERIES 1 EPISODE 5: Walking with Nomads - 2,800 miles Across Morocco with Explorer Alice Morrison

In this episode, we follow explorer Alice Morrison, another regular contributor to Wanderlust, on a world-first 2,800-mile trek across the entire length of Morocco.

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SERIES 1 EPISODE 4: Austria : Recharge Your Mind and Body (Partner special)

In the fourth episode of Wanderlust Off The Page podcast, we are joined by travel writers Aaron Millar and Helen Moat to talk about the power that travel and natural spaces can have on our mind and body, especially in Austria.   

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SERIES 1 EPISODE 3: The Unparalleled Beauty of Easter Island

In this episode we speak to award-winning travel writer Shafik Meghji to uncover the enchanting and remote Easter Island, learning about Shafik’s first hand experiences and diving into the destination’s remarkable history, culture and nature.

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SERIES 1 EPISODE 2: Exploring Estes Park: Bird & Jim

In this bonus episode, Aaron Millar tells the story of nineteenth-century British Explorer Isabella Bird and her affinity with Estes Park in Colorado, and learn how her words and letters helped establish Rocky Mountain National Park as the tourist destination it is today.

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SERIES 1 EPISODE 1: Hot List 2022: Editors' top travel destinations

In this first episode with Wanderlust’s editor-in-chief George Kipouros, founding editor Lyn Hughes, and special features editor Rosie Fitzgerald, we take a look at Wanderlust’s Hot List for 2022, honing in on three destinations: AlUla, Brazil and Malta.

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