Wanderlust Digital Subscriptions

Plus, in the App Store we will be adding a range of low-priced supplements that can be bought for a one-off fee.

By going digital not only will you be able to access Wanderlust while you're on the move but you'll also save money. UK subscribers will save 40% off their subscription and overseas subscribers can save up to a MASSIVE 65% so what are you waiting for?

We have a choice of three digital platforms: The App Store, Exact Editions and Kindle Fire.

Buying from Exact Editions

With an Exact Editions digital account you can view your digital publications on a variety of hardware including iPad, PC, Mac and Android devices

An Exact Editions subscription is slightly different from a normal subscription in that you are buying access to all Wanderlust magazines for a fixed period of time - this means you can view all the issues that have been loaded into the digital archive - as well as reading the new issues as they are published.

Click here to visit our Exact Editions shop for full details:

Buying from the App Store


Each of our titles has a separate App in the App Store, which allows you to purchase subscriptions and back issues. Click below to be directed to App Store:

Subscribers to digital magazines are not eligible for the Wanderlust £50 Travel Voucher scheme

Wanderlust on the Kindle Fire

If you have a Kindle Fire, great news! You can now take Wanderlust with you on the go. Click here to purchase Wanderlust on your Kindle Fire: