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Sustainable Travel

Sustainable Travel

Wanderlust's ultimate guide to travelling sustainably

To travel is incredible. It takes us away from our everyday lives and thrusts us into a world full of beauty, colour and adventure. We can experience cultures, landscapes and wildlife we've never seen before and learn so much about the fantastic planet that we live on. It’s an unavoidable reality, however, that travel and tourism has an impact on the environment and host communities. To leave nothing but footprints is impossible, but we can all endeavour to be a force for good as we explore. There are countless ways to reduce our impact and even make a positive difference as we travel. A more conscious way of travelling can be immersive, enriching and even more adventurous.
Here, we share tips and ideas
 on how to travel more responsibly...

What you need to know

Did you know that approximately 11% of the world travels by plane, with just 1% of us flying frequently? In turn, air travel is currently estimated to account for 2.5% of global carbon emissions. At the same time, travel can put money into environmental schemes and reward the companies and initiatives that do their part towards battling climate change. Flying less regularly is the most powerful way to reduce environmental impact, but being savvy about the operators you choose, the businesses you support in-country and the activities you enjoy also helps to preserve the wonderful life on our planet.

If wildlife watching peaks your interest, remember to consider animal welfare before booking your next experience. Keep in mind that scenarios in which animals appear to look after animals may not be as kind as they seem. Ensure you're exploring with a trusted operator or guide that knows the region well and clearly adopts a responsible wildlife watching policy. Animals used for entertainment purposes – including elephant rides, lion cub petting, dolphin swims – are inevitably treated poorly, so avoid these.

Travel can boost struggling economies and create jobs, but it often also perpetuates a cycle of exploitation for local people who are often battling being priced out of their home towns, the insecurity of seasonal work, low wages and long strenuous hours. This is particularly the case in less wealthy regions, such as the Global South. Be mindful of where your money goes. Booking local accommodation and experiences, and supporting local business, rather than all-inclusive resorts where income doesn't return into the surrounding communities, makes all the difference.

How to make a difference

We strongly believe that making small changes to our travel habits can collectively make a difference. Here are a few ways to get started...

Positive-impact experiences and adventures

Around the world people and places are creating more thoughtful, empowering and planet-friendly travel initiatives...

Tips for finding eco-stays and environmentally-conscious accommodation

Conservation-based travel ideas

Support the nations becoming more sustainable

Want to put your money where your heart is? Support the nations, regions and cities striving to be more green and environmentally-conscious. Every place is on its own journey, but contributing towards the economy could inspire even more positive change...

Introducing The Travel Green List by Wanderlust

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