Sustainable Travel

Sustainable Travel

Your full Wanderlust guide to travelling sustainably

Leave nothing but footprints? It’s an unavoidable reality that travelling has an impact on our planet's environment, and the people in it. We can’t dance around this fact, but we can try to be a force for good.

The privilege of travel comes with great responsibility. There are countless ways you can mitigate your impact and even make a positive difference. Get clued up with our ultimate guide to travelling sustainably

The facts


Air travel accounts for 2.5% of global carbon emissions, and recent studies have estimated that tourism accounts for up to 7% of the damage done to our planet. 

Travel can put money directly into environmentally positive schemes and can reward companies and countries that do their part towards battling climate change. You can even do your bit putting trees in the ground or volunteering with green initiatives.

It’s always important to consider animal welfare on your travels. Even scenarios in which animals seem to be benefiting can have a sinister side. 

Always avoid elephant rides and shark fin soup. Try and keep track of what you’re eating – exotic ‘bush meat’ can often include endangered species - and be wary of offers of wildlife encounters.

Guarantees of sightings are usually a bad sign, so ensure you're on safari or exploring with a trusted, highly-recommended operator or guide.

Travel can boost struggling economies and create jobs and livelihoods, but it can also perpetuate a cycle of exploitation.

Be mindful of the impact your money makes, as its unfortunate that travellers can sometimes price locals out of goods and services.

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Making a difference

The facts are facts, but we believe one person can make a difference. Here are a few ways to get started, and learn about the countries doing their bit...

Try an eco-friendly place to stay

Enjoy eco-adventures

Embark on volunteer and conservation projects

Support green countries

Put your money where your mouth is. Reward environmental travel experiences and visit countries with green reputations. It could inspire positive change...

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is widely acknowledged as the greenest country in the world, and in 2021, won the first Earthshot Prize for its innovative ways to protect and restore nature. Costa Rica generates around 98% of its energy through sustainable means and has protected around 28% of its total land area in national parks and reserves. Find out more... 

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