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The Wanderlust guide to choosing the right honeymoon for you

Congratulations! You’re getting married, and as a bonus, you get to go on the trip of a lifetime...

Given all the planning that goes into a wedding, it’s tempting to think of the honeymoon as a chance to ‘do nothing’. But before you book yourself into an Indian Ocean all-inclusive, think what you could be missing.

Read on for all our alternative honeymoon options which will offer you the perfect romantic adventure…

Where should you go on your honeymoon?

The only definition of a honeymoon is that you take it as a couple. So instead of lounging by a pool, have a think about where you'd really like to go.

Have you always wanted to see Peru's Machu Picchu? Intrigued by South-East Asia? Or would you both enjoy an Arctic expedition?

Here’s some inspiring alternative destinations around the world...

Latin America
North America
The classic destinations


African honeymoon ideas

Asian honeymoon ideas

European honeymoon ideas

Latin American honeymoon ideas

North American honeymoon ideas

Australasia honeymoon ideas

Polar honeymoon ideas

The classic honeymoon destinations

Can't stop dreaming of a classic island getaway? Don't worry, we've got some original ideas for that, too...

What type of honeymoon?

Choosing your dream destination isn’t even the half of it. Now you have to make up your mind about what you both want to do when you’re there.

From soaking up a classic African Safari or watching wildlife wonders in other parts of the world, to stargazing in a middle-eastern desert or sailing from island to sun-dappled island in Croatia or Thailand, we’ve got all these activity suggestions and much more…

Honeymoon-ready hotels: where should you stay?


Don't settle for any old honeymoon suite. These dream sleeps from around the world offer an exciting and adventurous accommodation option for your first holiday as a married couple, without compromising on the romance...

Honeymoons fit for royalty

Literally. We did some digging to find out where the royal family and the world's biggest stars go to celebrate their weddings. And there’s no reason you can’t honeymoon like a celeb, too…

Why is it important to take a honeymoon?

Whether it’s your first trip as a married couple, or you’re after a romantic trip after celebrating renewing your vows, flying away to spend some quality tome together is a great way to strengthen any relationship. In case you need more reasons why you should jet off after your wedding, discover 7 ways travel can bring couples closer together... 

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