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Travel photography

Travel photography

Wanderlust's ultimate guide to travel photography 

Turn those dreams of becoming a professional travel photographer into reality with our guide to travel photography. 

Whether you want to get up close to the world's rarest wildlife, or view unending landscapes from the summit of a mountain, we share our top tips for capturing the perfect shot.

We've teamed up with CEWE to create an essential guide to travel photography. Read on to discover tips on different types of photography, advice from the pros, inspirational galleries, camera reviews, how to make money from your travel snaps and much more...

How to keep your travel memories alive

The most photogenic places in the world

Some destinations, it seems, were made to be photographed. Give yourself a head start to capture he perfect image, by heading to one of these stunning locations...

Photographing landscapes

Make an impact with your landscape photos with these tips for capturing everything and anything, from icy mountains to fields full of flowers...

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Photographing people

A perfect portrait should be captivating, full of character and always natural, never posed. Learn how to shoot portraits with this great advice...

Drone photography 

It may seem daunting, but getting started with drone photography is far easier than you might think...

Street photography 

Master the art of capturing not just the street itself, but the atmosphere along it, with this sage advice...

Photographing the changing natural world

Make jaws drop by learning how to take perfect photos of the Northern Lights, snowy scenes and the gorgeous colours of autumn...

Advice from professional travel photographers

They've won awards, get to travel the world for work and have incredible photo portfolios. Let's hear what they've got to say...

Advice on buying cameras and photography equipment

Don't rush into buying an expensive camera or piece of kit. Consider these reviews first...

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