An aerial view of Palau's Seventy Islands Nature Reserve (



Palau travel information, including maps of Palau, food, drink and where to stay in Palau plus the best time to travel in Palau

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Travel in Palau – vital statistics

  • Capital of Palau: Koror
  • Population of Palau: 20,800
  • Languages in Palau: Palauan, Sonsoralese, Tobi, Anguar, English, Filipino
  • Time in Palau: GMT +9
  • International dialling code in Palau: +680
  • Voltage in Palau: 110V 50Hz
  • Visa information for Palau: Palau visa
  • Money in Palau: US dollar ($). Credit cards are accepted in Koror State but not on smaller islands. This is the same with ATMs.
  • Palau travel advice: Foreign & Commonwealth Office
  • Palau tourist board: Palau Visitors Authority

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