Meet the locals with community-based travel

Meet the locals


Guide to meeting the locals, homestays and community-based tourism, including homestay contacts, local guides and community-based travel advice

Meeting people from different cultures is one of the best reasons to step outside your front door – the stuff of lifelong memories.

And while much of the travel industry has often seemed devoted to keeping travellers cocooned in resorts, the times are a-changing. From homestays to house-swaps, couchsurfing to indigenous-run lodges, the opportunities to share the lives of others are growing fast. ‘Community-based tourism’ is the buzz-phrase for many emerging travel destinations, and networks of guides, homestays and local ‘greeters’ are springing up worldwide.

Web brings travel closer to homes

Thanks to the internet, it’s becoming much easier to book community-based experiences reliably, and they’re almost always cheaper than conventional tours and accommodation.

For example, instead of splashing out on hotels, why not tour India staying with Indian families ( Instead of taking the standard guided tour of Chicago or Melbourne, get a free show-around from a clued-up local instead ( Instead of sightseeing in Peru’s Sacred Valley, stay in a Peruvian village – and learn Spanish while you’re at it. Or hook up with travel website who have a vast network of guides around the world who can help you set up trip itineraries, must-see destinations and show you around as a guide.

And almost anywhere in the world, you can now find someone with a spare sofa to put you up ( or a home to swap with your own (

Informal or organised?

There’s no one-stop-shop for these experiences, and what’s on offer varies widely from one destination to the next. Some – like Korea’s temple-stay scheme - are well-organised, government-backed and quality controlled.

Others are informal, internet-based networks open to all and rated only by other travellers’ experiences. What they all offer though, is an honest, untouristy insight into your destination, and a way for local people to benefit from your visit socially and economically.

So do your research (use our forum) to find recommended experiences where you’re going. If you’re meeting a stranger (couchsurfing, for example), take sensible safety precautions – tell others where you’ll be, and meet first in a public place. And if you’ve had a good ‘local travel’ experience, do post about it in our forum so others can follow in your footsteps.

Further Reading

Top 10 Meet the locals experiences

  1. Visit a longhouse community, Borneo – most of Borneo’s tribes are now well-connected to the outside world, but a stay in their communal homes remains a fascinating eye-opener into hunter-gatherer lifestyles and the complex issues of the rainforest
  2. Stay with a family, India – the best way to experience the ‘real India’ is to stay with real people. There are hundreds of homestays across the subcontinent, from luxurious Kerala bungalows to simple huts in the Himalaya
  3. Take a free locals’ city tour – from Toronto to Melbourne, many cities now offer free ‘greeter’ tours run by enthusiastic locals.
  4. Travel with a good local guide – a knowledgeable and charismatic local guide can make a trip. The very best are recognised in the annual Wanderlust World Guide awards
  5. Discover Cuba’s casas particulares – communist Cuba’s homestays are beacons of free enterprise, and a wonderful way to get beyond the propaganda in this most fascinating of Caribbean islands
  6. WWOOF! – the long-running Willing Workers On Organic Farms (WWOOF) programme remains a classic way to experience rural life and enjoy free bed and board
  7. Walk from village to village, India & Ethiopia – award-winning walking routes in the north Indian foothills and Ethiopian highlands are regenerating local communities.
  8. Speak English for your supper, Spain – get free accommodation in return for acting as a full-time conversationalist for local English language students.
  9. Walk with the Samburu, north Kenya – safaris don’t get more authentic – walk with Samburu warrior guides through the spectacular Laikipia plateau
  10. Stay in an Amazon eco-lodge, Ecuador – learn to hunt by blowpipe and make rainforest medicine with the remote tribes of Ecuador’s rainforest

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