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25 years of Wanderlust in numbers

From the amount of pets we’ve had in the office over the years to the ever-increasing size of the magazine, see all of Wanderlust's fun facts in numbers…

Wanderlust Photo of the Year 2017 Landscape Winner (Callie Chee)

4,800 guides...

Winners of the Wanderlust World Guide Awards 2018

Winners of the Wanderlust World Guide Awards 2018

nominated in the World Guide Awards, including this year's winner, Dragoman overlanding guru Julie Gabbot! 

Read more about this year's winners here. 

£137,000 spent...



by winning guides on community projects. These include Asia tour leader Mark Steadman’s Lone Buffalo, a community initiative he co-founded in Laos to provide English tuition to young people in one of the world’s most heavily bombed provinces.

Find out how you can go on a trip with a winning guide here. 

7 times...

that the man voted Wanderlust reader’s top travel companion – Michael Palin – has been interviewed.

Read Wanderlust interviews here.


visitors to the Wanderlust website in August 2018. 

136 subscribers...

who have been with us since the first issue, including Jeanette West.

Subscribe to Wanderlust magazine here. 

4 office...

pets! These include Jetta, Jaspar and Gypsy the cats. The first of the cats was Jasper, a stray kitten that turned up at Wanderlust's door in 1995. She turned out to be female, but the name stuck. 

The picture on the left is of Zoe, the loveable dog who is currently sniffing around the office on the hunt for anyone with snacks! Once unemployed and on the streets in Romania, Zoe came to the UK to look for a meaningful job. Her role includes keeping the Wanderlust team exercised, keeping the office tidy (through bin inspections and hoovering up any food), and reducing stress by encouraging strokes and cuddles. She likes walks in Windsor and loves stopping off at the pub for some chips! 


137,000 photos...

Wanderlust Photo of the Year 2017 Landscape Winner (Callie Chee)

Wanderlust Photo of the Year 2017 Landscape Winner (Callie Chee)

submitted to the Wanderlust Photo of the Year competition, including this winning shot in the 2017 Landscape category, taken by Callie Chee at China’s Yellow Mountain.

See more of 2017's winners here. 

Issue 191...


includes 188 pages and 48 countries, making it the biggest Wanderlust magazine ever! 

Issue 192...


includes information on 55 countries! 

Buy the latest issue here. 

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