Polar Routes: Discovering the poles

Icebergs shimmer under a sun that never sets in Greenland. Waterfalls, ice floes and jagged mountains makes for a perfect polar playground in Patagonia. Polar bears leave plate-size paw prints in the snow of the Arctic, while more penguins than you could ever imagine crowd the Falkland Islands and South Georgia in Antarctica. And this barely scratches the surface of the almost limitless extraordinary experiences the polar regions have to offer. 

Read on for inspiration, information and everything you need to know before embarking on a polar adventure of your own, from the experts at Polar Routes...


Did you know? 

Glacier Perito Moreno in Patagonia increases in size by about 2 metres every day, making it one of the world’s only advancing glaciers.

There are 12 million penguins in Antarctica, including emperor, Adélie, chinstrap, gentoo and macaroni penguins. 

Every day, the Ilulissat icefjord in Western Greenland releases the same amount of freshwater that is used in New York City.

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