Walk the world with Marie Curie

Some of the destinations you can walk with Marie Curie (Shutterstock/ Dreamstime)


Walking is more than just a way of getting exercise. It’s a means of slowing down, admiring the scenery, getting close to wildlife and meeting the locals. You can connect with the world in a way you can't in a car, reaching hidden spots that modern transportation could never take you to.

With Marie Curie, you can do this and more – all while doing good for charity. The money raised from their walks helps Marie Curie care for more than 40,000 terminally ill people in the UK every year, from dementia and cancer sufferers to those with heart failure or Parkinson’s disease. Read on to find out how you can get involved...


On a charity walk you'll focus on two equivalent aims: to quench a thirst for adventure and to enrich the lives of the others while doing it.