Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia

Your full Wanderlust travel guide to Saudi Arabia

From adventures such as hiking and stargazing in the vast fiery desert and exploring the 2,000km coastline to soaking up the rich and diverse culture and learning about the fascinating history, Saudi Arbia offers extraordinary travel experiences for the discerning traveller…

Saudi Arabia vital statistics

  • Capital city: Riyadh
  • Population: 32 million
  • Money: Riyal
  • Int dialing code: +966
  • Languages: Arabic
  • Visas: UK visitors need a visa to visit
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Time: GMT+3

Top 3 sites in Saudi Arabia

  1. AlUla – with its ancient tombs, incredible rock formations and space for outdoor adventure, AlUla is the perfect place to combine nature and culture...
  2. Historical Diriyah – On the outskirts of Riyadh, UNESCO-listed Diriyah is the birthplace of the first Saudi state. A new restoration plan is currently underway to allow visitors to explore this historical site for the first time.
  3. Al Ahsa – Situated in the east of Saudi Arabia, Al Ahsa offers paradisical landscapes of palm groves, natural springs and historical sites that date back to the Neolithic era.

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