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Your full Wanderlust guide to travel in Georgia

Wedged between Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, Georgia is a little-visited country that’s big on culture, history and mountain scenery. We’ve put together this essential travel guide to help you plan your perfect adventure in Georgia…

Georgia's vital statistics

  • Capital city: Tbilisi
  • Population: 3.72 million
  • Money: Georgian Lari
  • Int dialing code: +995
  • Languages: Georgian
  • Visas: British nationals do not need a visa to enter Georgia for visits of up to one year.
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Time: +4 GMT

When to go to Georgia 

 With comfortable temperatures and the nature in full bloom, spring is the perfect time to go hiking in the mountains. Autumn also offers great weather for exploration of the cultural sites  and is also the best time to visit the vineyards. Summer can get very hot, especially in the cities, so we would only recommend visiting in the summer if you are heading straight out to the mountains.


Top travel tips for Georgia

  1. Get to know the public transport. Marshrutkas (a kind of minivan) are great for short trips while trains are available for longer journeys.
  2. Learn some basic Georgian words. Hello is pronounced gamarjoba and thank you is pronounced Gamarjoba
  3. Don't rush through the capital. Tbilisi has so much to offer so slow down and take the time to explore it.

Into the mountains

Don't miss Georgia's food and wine scene

3 must-eats in Georgia

  1. Khinkali: A dumpling usually stuffed with pork and beef, but vegetarian versions filled with Imeretian cheese, mushrooms and mashed potato are also available.
  2. Khachapuri: Cheese-stuffed crusty bread topped with a fried egg.
  3. Pkhali: A colourful dish made with mashed vegetables such as beets, spinach and carrots mixed with walnuts, garlic and other spices – think of it as a kind of vegetable pâté.

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