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Your full Wanderlust guide to travel in Dominica


  • Capital city: Roseau
  • Population: 71,000
  • Money: Dominican Peso
  • Int dialing code: + 1
  • Languages: English
  • Visas: No visa required prior to entry, the permissible length of stay is granted on arrival. Any length longer than this must be applied and paid for
  • Voltage: 220 - 240 V
  • Time: GMT - 4


Wanderlust recommends

These recommendations came from Wanderlust readers and winners of our online Bradt and Dominica competition. Each entrant was asked to recommend one unmissable activity for a visit to the island. Here are the top five tips:

1. “Make sure you plan your trip around one of Dominica's national holidays – say, Independence Day (3 November) or Whit Monday (Eighth Monday after Easter). Try the local festive dish manicou (or agauti), which is smoked (or stewed) opossum served with generous helpings of rice, yucca and pumpkin. We opted for the less exotic vegetarian version, so we can't really tell you what it tastes like, but the locals did insist
that we were missing out on a very special culinary experience.” Su Rath

2. “Unquestionably, the greatest thing to do on Dominica is to snorkel the Champagne
! It's like swimming through a warm bath of bubbly, which is twice as nice as it sounds, actually.” Jay Brock. Simply park on the road by the edge of the bay, and – for a few dollars – a local guide will show you where to enter the water to make the most of the hot bubbles erupting all around.

3. “The capital city Roseau is the cruise ship port. Outside of shopping, there's little to do and see to warrant more than a short visit.” Steven Green. For the city's top shopping spot for fresh food and local delicacies, check out the new market alongside the riverbank, at the northern tip of the bay front.

4. “Scotts Head at the far south west is a good area for snorkelling. Park at the isthmus just beyond the village. Locals will sell you coconuts to drink, mangoes to eat and anything else they have, but they also will tell you the best areas to snorkel and for a small fee will watch your clothes while you swim. Cash and valuables do need to be taken with you in a waterproof container though. Once you have got over the stony beach the water is clear and about 50m off shore there is a huge drop off. Snorkelling along the edge of the cliff is amazing." Coral Hopperton

5. "Sulphur Springs at Soufriere are great but miss the concrete pool for visitors and head up the track in the woods to sit under the waterfall. The hot sulphurous water is very soothing on your shoulders. Or, if you're a birdwatcher then hire a guide to take you to see the Sisserou and Jacko parrots and many other birds at Morne Diablatin. We also found a nine foot boa constrictor there.” Coral Hopperton

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