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Comoros travel guide, including map of Comoros, top Comoros travel experiences, and tips for travel in Comoros

Our travel guide to Comoros is coming soon. In the meantime, please check out our Comoros Essential Info page, and the posts in our travellers' forums.

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Comoros – Vital Statistics

Capital of Comoros: Moroni
Population of Comoros: 773,000
Languages in Comoros: Arabic, French, Shikomoro
Time in Comoros: GMT +3
International dialling code in Comoros: +269
Voltage in Comoros: 220V 50Hz
Visa information for Comoros: Visa information
Money in Comoros: Comorian franc (CF) The Euro is the currency on Mayotte, but the other islands generally accept both. Credit cards are widely accepted in Mayotte, but only in upmarket places on the other islands. Only one bank on Mayotte will change traveller cheques.
Comoros travel advice: Foreign & Commonwealth Office
Comoros tourist board: Comoros

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