Sarah Baxter

Sarah is Wanderlust's Associate Editor. Sometimes that means she's pinned to her desk, editing pages, commissioning features, calling in travel gear and spotting typos. But sometimes Wanderlust lets her out – in the name of travel journalism, she's climbed Kilimanjaro, snorkelled with killer whales, salsa-ed with Spaniards, trundled along the Karakoram Highway, eaten sheep brain, and a whole lot more. In short, she'll try and write about almost anything.

Now part-time at Wanderlust, Sarah does other things too. She is an editor of Unique Honeymoons magazine, and freelances for a wide range of magazines, newspapers and guidebooks, including The Independent, The Telegraph, Metro, Country Walking, Lonely Planet, Countryfile and Runner's World. She has written regular travel columns and blogs for various outlets, and sometimes crops up talking travel on BBC radio. She's happiest with walking boots on her feet, a notebook in her hand and a trail snaking off into the distance.

Twitter: @sarahbtravel