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Fiji's top 3 culturally-enriching experiences

Fiji may attract headlines for its natural beauty, but its culture shouldn't be ignored. From food and drink to village life, there is plenty to explore...

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5 of Fiji's best underwater experiences

Plunge into the deep end with a snorkel, swim, or scuba dive in and amongst Fiji's fascinating underwater worlds...

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Fiji's top 5 nature and sustainability projects

From coral reef conservation work to partnering with remote mountain villages, Fiji offers endless opportunity to get on board pioneering projects for sustainable tourism...

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The beginner's guide to Fiji’s best island experiences

With over 333 islands, Fiji has a plethora of destinations to explore, whether you're looking for diving, island adventures or just some time in the sun...

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Dispatches: Trying to connect with Bob Marley's legacy in Jamaica

Never meet your heroes – even when they’re dead! Jamaica cashing in on the legacy of Bob Marley is one example of ‘hero travel’ gone wrong, as Paul Clammer found on a trip to the singer’s birthplace...

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