Paul Bloomfield

Paul is a freelance writer, photographer and editor, and former Wanderlust managing editor. Having spent 15 years working in travel and natural-history publishing, he’s realised that he doesn’t really believe ‘travel’ exists as a pastime – it’s something that happens while you’re in the process of pursuing your real passions and goals (in his case, writing, hiking, watching wildlife, sometimes diving and, more often than not, over-eating).

Paul’s words and pictures have been published in numerous travel guidebooks, broadsheets and magazines, recounting various highs (climbing Mt Kenya, husky-sledding in Arctic Sweden, trekking between Himalayan villages in India, walking between safari camps in Zambia, tracking pandas in China) and literal lows (delving into Belize’s caves and cenotes, diving with sealions off New Zealand).

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10 of the best snorkelling destinations

Don a mask and fins and ready yourself for the ten best reef encounters in the world...

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11 explosive volcanic experiences

11 of the world's most eruptive volcanic experiences, to get you hot under the collar

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Kayak past skyscrapers in New York City

Make a splash in the Big Apple and see the city from a different view

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Mayan Belize

The caves and jungles of Belize harbour both ancient Mayan ruins and the villages of the modern-day Maya

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Zambia, the Conservation nation

Go deep into the bush with Zambia's anti-poaching scouts and you'll find a country eager to save its animals

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A dynamic weekend in Denmark

Jutland is a domain of sweeping sand dunes, wobbly bikes and untrustworthy topography - making it an exciting destination for avid cyclists and hikers

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A walking tour through India's villages

Hiking through the Himalayan Kumaon region takes in the best of India, with hints of Nepal and Tibet. Just beware the leopards

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Wild Hong Hong: walking the MacLehose Trail

Beyond the skyscrapers, Hong Kong's New Territories offer fine trails across dragon-back mountains rich in history

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Dog sledding in the Swedish Arctic

In the depths of the Swedish Arctic, we discovered what fun it is to ride on a three-dog open sleigh

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Sailing the West Fjords, Iceland

While visitors throng to Reykjavik, free-spirited Icelanders head north for their own adventures

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Exploring mountain monasteries in Bhutan

Bhutan is a unique, unspoilt pocket of Himalayan majesty, where myth and reality blur and time often stands still. And it’s home to the most magical pilgrimage post of all

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Is New Zealand's new walking route the best one-day hike in the world?

Move over Tongariro, there’s a new ‘best one-day walk in the world’ in New Zealand. Circling the bogs, forests and rises of Mount Taranaki, is this wild trek a worthy rival to the Tongariro crossing? We find out

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Tracking bears in the valleys of the Western Tatras, Slovakia

Slovakia isn’t world-renowned for its wildlife, but in the valley of the Western Tatras and beyond roam some 1200 bears, and all it takes to see them is a little patience...

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8 things you need to know about food and drink in Belize

Belize’s food and drink scene is brimming with exotic flavours, from freshly caught lobster to chocolate-infused wines. Soak up the sun and enjoy with this handy guide

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10 cultural highlights of Belize for culture vultures and history lovers to explore

Belize is a land of fascinating Mayan art, lively Garifuna beats, crumbling ancient cities and centuries-old customs. Here are 10 of the country’s best cultural attractions

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The high road: How you can explore Peru off the beaten (Inca) trail

The ancient roads across the Lares Valley in Peru are just part of a vast Incan web stretching 30,000km, offering not just wild views and rarely seen ruins but thrilling close-ups of local life…

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Get outside! 11 easy-level cycle adventures around the world

Two wheels means twice the thrill – and best of all, none of these cycling trips are graded tougher than ‘moderate’, so you won’t be left saddle sore…

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Belize's 7 greatest wildlife experiences

Central America’s pocket marvel is blessed with an array of astounding creatures, from whale sharks to toucans and jaguars. Here's how to discover Belize's best wildlife hot spots...

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Short break: Mont St-Michel, France

With its ugly causeway gone and restoration work finished, Normandy’s rock-top monastery has regained its medieval magic...

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The world's top 10 alternative wildlife experiences

From gorilla trekking in Gabon to tracking lions in India, and observing sperm whales in the Caribbean, uncover the 10 best destinations for amazing animal magic away from the crowds...

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The 7 best places to see jaguars in the wild

The elusive jaguar is the Americas' truest big cat, and though sightings in the wild are rare, they aren't impossible. In fact, if you know where to look, we'd say you've got a fair chance...

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