Natasha Singh

Travel blogger, trainee psychotherapist and recent Communications graduate; Tasha is currently a web intern with Wanderlust online. Originating from the sunny island of Malta, she currently resides in the UK, where she maintains her passion for hiking, writing and dancing salsa. Her most recent project involves an attempt to learn something about photography (since she owns one of the big expensive cameras anyway).

She is an avid Couchsurfer (CS profile) and backpacker, having been on trips around Germany, Switzerland and most recently Poland (where she scaled her first mountain peak in the Tatras). Her dream trip involves going to Iran to Courchsurf, to Iceland to see the Northern Lights, to Cuba to dance salsa, and to Scotland to eat a deep fried Mars bar.

You can find her blog The girl on the rock, or follow here on Twitter @girl_ontherock

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