Martin Symington

As a freelance travel journalist and author I cover all climes in search of inspiration for my stories. Travelling and writing are twin passions, so I find it hard to refute the perennial ‘you’ve got the jammiest job in the world’ jibe. Nor have I ever learnt how to answer the follow-up  “…so, where is your favourite place?” question. Contenders include the Bolivian Altiplano, The Selous in Tanzania, Tibet, The Philippines, Burma and Scotland’s Western Isles. Then there is the seductive lure of India, whether to trek in the Himalaya or watch sunrise over the Ganges. I also feel drawn to the Arctic and believe that everybody should see icebergs before they die.

Having been born and brought up in northern Portugal, I am also captivated by the Portuguese-influenced world.  Searching for redolences of my homeland has taken me from Macau to Mozambique, and East Timor to São Tomé off the coast of equatorial Africa.

My work has won numerous awards including British Guild of Travel Writers Travel Writer of the Year and the African Travel & Tourism Association’s Journalist of the Year.

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