Liz Cleere

Liz's earliest travel memories include learning to ski in Norway in the days of wooden skis and leather boots, and swimming in the sea in Torremolinos when it was still a coastal village. In the late 60s her father's business took the family on an extended trip behind the iron curtain, which was Liz's first culture shock. No Coca Cola? No adverts? No fish fingers? Since then she has travelled extensively for work and pleasure.

In 2010, after sailing from Turkey to India, Liz began writing about her adventures for Sailing Today magazine. In 2011 she set up the Itinerant Writers Club, an online meeting place for would-be travel writers to practise and hone their writing skills.

Liz's greatest travel influences have been her parents: her dad instilled a love of antiquities and her mum a love of nature. But it is the people she has encountered along the way who have formed her most cherished memories.

Liz, and photographer partner Jamie Furlong, hope to sail across the equator to Chagos and Africa in 2013, but a sailor's plans are set in the shifting tides...

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