Katherine Price

Katherine is a trainee journalist currently studying English Literature at the University of Warwick. When not chained to a desk slaving over her next essay, she’s seeking out the culture and beauty of wherever she is, whether it’s the architecture of Barcelona, the history of Germany or traversing the landscape of her Welsh homeland.

She’s usually at her happiest when experiencing the culinary culture. Pizza from a back street stand in Florence, Kaiserschmarrn on the slopes of Austria and anything that comes from a Moroccan tagine are just a few personal favourites she would highly recommend. Katherine wants to try everything that can be tried, and see everything that can be seen – it’s what comes from being a compulsive list-maker.

After having travelled the east coast of Australia, completed a road trip across America and lived and studied in Berlin for a year, she’s seeking her next adventure to experience and then, of course, write about for Wanderlust.