Kate Eshelby

Kate Eshelby is a travel writer and photojournalist.  Her passion, and expertise is Africa; having lived with a group of Ba’aka pygmies, deep in the Republic of Congo’s rainforests and crossed the Sahara in Niger, following a camel salt caravan, among other trips.  
But she also loves exploring far-flung, off the beaten track destinations on other continents; tracking bears in Alaska, trekking in Georgia, climbing Tajikistan’s Pamir mountains and visiting Syria shortly before war tragically broke out.  
It is those magical moments when you engage with local people, meeting someone who particularly stands out, that keeps her travelling.  And the inspiration which comes from being in wild places.    
She has been published in Wanderlust, Traveller, Spectator, Geographical, Economist, Harpers Bazaar, Tatler, Financial Times, Independent, Guardian, Observer, Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph, Times and Daily Mail.  
Kate is always seen with a camera in one hand and a notepad in the other, and her website (just of her pictures) is www.kateeshelby.com.  
She has travelled to almost half the world’s countries.  

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