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Jennifer Cox is a travel writer, broadcaster and editor. She is a regular contributor to the Guardian, Mail on Sunday, Marie Claire and the BBC. She is also editor of Compass - Cox & Kings' quarterly travel magazine, for whom her recent interviews have included William Dalrymple, Kate Humble, John McCarthy and Thomasina Miers.

Jennifer was Lonely Planet Publication's Head of PR and Spokesperson for ten years. She is a hugely enthusiastic traveller, never happier than when on her way to the airport. Recent trips include walking across the Asian megacity of Seoul, diving off the coast of Sri Lanka and riding on the longest public tram service in the world, along the coast of Belgium. She is an Essex Girl and proud of it.

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Want to be a better traveller? Practise at home first

The same goodwill principles you often adopt when overseas are often forgotten when you're in familiar surroundings. It's time to change that...

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Epic scenery and fascinating tribes - so why is the US such a travel taboo?

There's a weird sort of inverse snobbery when someone says they're travelling to North America. But why, when it's a country with so many charms?

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Retirement is not just about petunias - there is shark wrestling, too

(Not so) young, dumb and full of a big pension – why are the over-50s ditching Eastbourne and going extreme?

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Are we all tourists now?

Can 'travellers' still claim the higher moral ground, or have we all become *gasp* tourists?

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Olympic losers?

So the 2008 Beijing Olympics has ended to great acclaim, and China has proved beyond all doubt that in a world of global powers, it is a player, a contender and a winner.

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Keeping the snapped happy

Should we seek permission from everyone we photograph? Jennifer Cox ponders the portrait problem

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The tables have turned – locals take your photograph

Frustration at the vocal point – What happens when the locals want to take your photo?

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Travel secrets: should you keep them?

Are you ready to give up your travel secrets?

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