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James Callery is a freelance travel journalist specialising in skiing and adventure travel. He is a qualified ski instructor and spent a season sampling the snow in Canada after finishing university. His articles have been featured in various magazines as well as The Independent and The Sunday Times. When not hitting the slopes he enjoys visiting jungle-fringed temples and cycling in the mountains. 

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Budget Travel: 6 tips for making your travels cost less and last longer

The Broke Backpacker has been travelling the world for eight years on a shoestring budget. Here's his golden advice for cutting costs overseas, to travel further and longer

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7 essential tips to avoid being the victim of crime when travelling

Investigative journalist Conor Woodman spent four years exploring the criminal underbelly of cities from Mumbai to Jerusalem. Here are his essential tips for steering clear of crime while travelling

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6 essential tips on how to make a holiday complaint

Not every holiday goes smoothly. If you do need to make a complaint, Sally Francis from Money Saving Expert has handy tips for making sure you get the response you deserve

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Savannah Grace: on a mission to visit every country in the world

Canadian traveller Savannah Grace, aged 26, is on a mission to see every country in the world as soon as possible. Here, she shares some of the most memorable experiences from her journey so far

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The 12 coolest summer music festivals for 2017

Missed Glastonbury? From Ugandan beach parties to a Japanese mountain festival, these cool festivals should satisfy your ears, including where to see PJ Harvey, Bombino, Alt-J and more...

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8 active ways to go and enjoy the great outdoors this summer

The UK and Ireland have natural environments that are ripe for adventure. From hiking the Hebridean Way to sea kayaking in Devon, here are 8 inspiring activities to enjoy in the summer months...

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5 of the world's strangest markets

From witch potions and Voodoo supplies to edible tarantulas, you can find anything, if you know where to look. These 5 weird and wonderful markets should provide plenty of surprises

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8 bizarre ways of expressing love around the world

From wife carrying to presenting your partner with a pig-themed present, these are 8 of the strangest ways people express love around the world.

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5 of the world's coolest Chinatowns, from culture to mouthwatering cuisine

Chinatowns serve up mouthwatering street food, markets and shops, alongside statues of Christ, Buddha and Jimi Hendrix. From bustling Bangkok to vibrant Vancouver, here are five of the world's best

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5 of Europe's unmissable markets, from foodie feasts to flea markets

Europe is awash with markets selling fine food, vintage goods and curiosities. Here are five of the continent's best markets for picking up bargains to bring home or to devour on the spot

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7 incredible places you should visit in Iceland, as chosen by Ásgeir

Icelandic singer Ásgeir Trausti picks some of his favourite spots in Iceland, from Reykjavík’s hottest music venues to the wildest waterfalls and volcanoes across the country’s brooding landscapes

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6 spectacular British walks inspired by famous paintings, from Constable to Turner

Art historian Gus Casely-Hayford set out to discover the landscapes that inspired classic paintings by the likes of Constable, Turner and Hogarth. Here are 6 extraordinary art-inspired British walks

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Feline fine: 5 of the world's best big cat destinations

Want to see big cats in the wild? Emmy Award-winning filmmakers and conservationists Dereck and Beverly Joubert reveal their favourite places to find lions, tigers and cheetahs...

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Which countries have the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites?

UNESCO World Heritage Sites are marvels of human achievement and natural wonders. Here, we list the countries with the highest numbers of inscriptions...

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