Graihagh Jackson

Writer and photographer Graihagh Jackson was born and bred in Surrey and graduated from the University of Manchester in 2011. She self published a book, aged 18, about her personal reflections during her gap year travels in the Far East, titled The Hues of My Life. Since then, she has been avidly blogging about her travels to Eastern Europe and later Indonesia as well as creating another blog called Productive Thing of the Week.

After interning at Wanderlust for several months, Graihagh is now studying an MSc in Science Media Production at the Imperial College London. Whilst her chosen occupation is in science broadcasting, her passion resides in travel. Next on her travel bucket list is Honduras. 

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An exhilarating night of adventure

Graihagh Jackson reflects on a Night of Adventure – a fast-paced event showcasing a spectrum of adventuring greats, who share their stories with a live audience

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Would you travel with your parents?

Adventurous traveller Graihagh Jackson spends the night in a hostel dormitory with her Dad

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Top 5 unusual places to dive

The world's oceans are much more than giant fish ponds – discover life-sized sculptures, ancient caves, ruins and more on your next dive, says Graihagh Jackson

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10 adventurous places to propose

Want a unique engagement story? Make sure the place where you propose reflects your love of travel – we've got 10 adventurous ideas up our sleeve...

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10 things to do for free in the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is underrated, says Graihagh Jackson. Home to tremendous scenery, wildlife and heritage – here she shares the island’s best budget attractions

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Top 5 wild swims in the UK

Britain has developed a new-found passion for wild swimming. Graihagh Jackson dips her toes into the watery world to discover the best of Britain's plunge pools

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5 really wild courtships

From water dancing to wrestling, we reveal some of nature's most curious courtship rituals and where to witness them in the wild

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Top 5 alternative places to celebrate St Patrick's Day

Dressed in emerald-green outfits and clutching pints of Guinness, Graihagh Jackson and the rest of the Wanderlust team explore some of the more unusual places to celebrate Ireland's patron saint

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11 things you should hear before you die

Sure, we've all got a list of things we want to see before we die – but what about things to hear? Treat your ears to some of the world's most incredible sounds...

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10 road trip ideas where the journey is the destination

Forget the well-worn touristy highways - we think these are the best road trips in the world!

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10 things to feel before you die

From soppy tomatoes and massaging snakes to gooey mud, Graihagh Jackson takes a look at sensations worth travelling the world for

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10 incredible natural phenomena

Glow-in-the-dark plants? Stripey iceburgs? Graihagh Jackson seeks out Mother Nature's most fascinating natural phenomena...

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6 places to celebrate St George's fiery past

To commemorate the patron saint of England, Graihagh Jackson delves into the UK's fire breathing history and finds out where these mythical creatures once ruled

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5 places to celebrate Shakespeare's legacy

Graihagh Jackson explores the biggest, boldest and weirdest ways the world remembers William Shakespeare

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The UK's top 5 bluebell woods RD

Every spring, we're treated to blankets of bluebells. Graihagh Jackson goes in search of the best places to admire them around the UK

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5 incredibly wild Welsh walks for nature lovers

Ancient castle ruins, heather-strewn paths and sandy shores aplenty, from Offa's Dyke on the border to Pembrokeshire on the coast. Graihagh Jackson reveals Wales' wildest walks...

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