Gavin Bell

Gavin Bell is a former foreign correspondent of Reuters and The Times, who has found that travel writing is more fun and safer than reporting on wars and coups d’etat. At the last count, he had reported from more than 70 countries from Antarctica to Zanzibar. His assignments have included the Lebanese civil war, the Iran-Iraq war, a Soviet offensive in Afghanistan, revolutions in Madagascar and Fiji, a nuclear test on a French Pacific atoll, the collapse of apartheid, and the release of Nelson Mandela.

His first book, In Search of Tusitala: Travels in the Pacific after Robert Louis Stevenson, won the Thomas Cook/Daily Telegraph Travel Book of the Year Award. His latest is Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Travels in South Africa.

He now writes on travel for a range of national publications in the UK and Australia, and lives in a country park in Scotland with his wife Claire and their dog Breagha, who share his wanderlust.