Dr Jane Wilson-Howarth

From childhood creepy-crawlies fascinated Jane Wilson-Howarth, then an overland trip to Nepal showed her how information empowers people to avoid unpleasant organisms feeding on or in them. Dr Jane’s mission has always been sharing tips and encouraging others to explore, without worrying about the darker sides of nature. Jane’s other theme is learning from other cultures. In particular her book A Glimpse of Eternal Snows describes how mirroring Nepal survival strategies by living for each day helps you through life’s challenges. This year she brought out a novel set in Nepal, Snowfed Waters, which is also life-enhancing.

Jane’s first book Lemurs of the Lost World is about Madagascar. Her comprehensive The Essential Guide to Travel Health (originally Bugs Bites & Bowels) is in its fifth edition and the cheeky How to Shit Around the World is available as a book or on kindle. Jane was spotted by Lyn and Paul when speaking at the Royal Geographical Society way back in 1993. Rather against Jane’s better judgement they persuaded her to write a double spread on travellers’ diarrhoea for the first issue of Wanderlust. She went on to pen a health feature (as well as innumerable Q&As) in all but two issues of the magazine. Visit www.wilson-howarth.com, which includes health tips and a blog; Jane also tweets tips @longdropdoc

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