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Andy Rhodes has been living, writing and travelling in Texas since 1994. He calls Austin home, but regularly explores the Texas Hill Country, East Texas pine forests and Gulf Coast beaches. His favourite destination is the Big Bend region of far West Texas, where the enormous sky and rugged mountains beckon with the promise of solace, serenity and low humidity.

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Made in America: Why a visit to Texas is the best way to experience the real US

From mountains and prairies to beaches and forests, Texas’ geography offers something for everyone. Add national parks, regional food and some good ol' Southern hospitality and you'll want to go right now.

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8 reasons to visit humongous Houston: The new capital of Southern cool

Everything about Houston is huge: it's population, populace and popularity. With world-class culture, a cosmopolitan setting, renowned sports teams and even a space centre, here's why you should visit...

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State fairs and natural wonders: Why you need to visit Dallas, Texas

Presidential memorials, modern art, open green spaces, stunning architecture, culture-filled museums and a setting for some of the most significant events in history. Visiting Dallas in Texas is a must...

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Walking, waterways and the legendary Alamo: 8 reasons to visit San Antonio, Texas

Cultural icons, river walks, a burgeoning culinary scene and public art: It's no surprise San Antonio is one of the nation's most popular travel destinations. Here's why you should visit...

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8 reasons to visit Austin, Texas: The live music capital of the world

Full of artistic experiences, homespun businesses and creative cuisine, dynamic Austin is forward-thinking culturally, politically and demographically. Here's why you should visit...

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Texas trip planner: 7 wild routes through the Lone Star State

From cacti-speckled badlands to the best barbecue joints in town – earn your spurs in the Lone Star State and plot the perfect wild escape with our handy guide...

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