Sour Toe Cocktail Sign (Jimmy Emerson/Flickr)
Blog Words : Insider Secrets | 05 July

Your video guide to quirky Canada

They say it's the quiet ones you've got to watch out for. Underneath that respectable façade there's a wild side of Canada that's just itching to be discovered...

1. Knock back Sour Toe cocktails

Drink it fast or drink it slow, but your lips must touch the toe. That’s a human toe. Plonked in your whisky.

2. Learn to speak moose

It can attract the attention of a female moose a mile away. And you thought French was the language of love.

3. Play pond hockey

Canada's favourite sport. Played on a frozen pond by hundreds of amateur teams from all around the world. A recipe for disaster?

4. Search for Spanish treasure

Legend has it that the conquistadors hid a stash of treasure to rival Tutankhamun's on tiny Oak Island. Could you be the one to finally find it? 

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