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Your guide to a hassle-free flight

Lincoln Eather, from travel-accessory company Bellroy, explains how to get through your next flight without any added stress

Travel light, travel well (Bellroy.com)

After a decade of discount airlines and over-baked security procedures, travel has become a routine of jumping hoops and slipping loops. While we can't do anything about the security theatre, here are a few tips to help you flow through airports when setting off on your next adventure.

1. Carry on for free

If you have excess carry-on requirements, simply grab a shopping bag from one of the airport stores and fill it with your excess. Airports live on retail, so they’ll usually let you carry on ‘shopping’.

2. Pick your line

Large groups, people with tonnes of carry on, or just travellers who are in ‘cruise mode’, tend to take their time. If you want to get through security fast, fall in line with those who are already taking laptops out of their backpacks and kicking off their efficient shoes.

3. Wear the weight

If you are taking boots, wear them on to cut down luggage weight. We've been known to travel with a winter jacket with every pocket filled to get around carry-on restrictions (our record is 40lbs worth). Also, stock up on mini toiletries. Don't lug a year's worth of shaving cream on a weekend trip.

4. Cancel the noise

Get yourself a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Seriously, these will save your life. The world goes soothingly quiet when you flick the switch – no crying babies, blissful ignorance of the person next to you trying to chat or even the deafening roar of the engines taking you to your destination. Also, make sure all your gadgets are charged before you fly. 

5. Digitise your docs

Take photos of your passport, entry visas, travel insurance numbers and all the stuff that you might need in an emergency. Email them to yourself. And don't forget to 'The Cloud.' Tripit.com neatly organises all your itineraries, and Evernote.com files everything else.

Bellroy.comBellroy have made it their mission to slim wallets. Their Travel Wallet is the pinnacle of their achievement, allowing travellers to carry everything they need, including their passport, in their back pocket. For more details visit their website.

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