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The world's weirdest shops and markets

Whether you're piling weapons for the zombie apocalypse or looking for a nice taxidermy flamingo for the sitting room, these stores will have what you're looking for

Witches' Market, Bolivia (Shutterstock: see credit below)

1. Witches’ Market, La Paz, Bolivia

Tucked away up on Cerro Cumbre, this market is the place for the capital’s witches, medicine women, folk doctors and astrologers to stock up on all the accoutrements of both the dark and light arts. From dried llama foetuses to bury under your house for good luck through to ceramic statues to improve your sex life, it’s all here, along with toads, owl feathers and stone amulets.

Address: Melchor Jimenez, La Paz, Bolivia

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2. Super Hero Supply Company, Brooklyn, USA

With its motto Ever Vigilant, Ever True, the Super Hero Supply Company describes itself as a purveyor of high-quality crime-fighting merchandise. Stock includes capes, secret identities and lairs, but sadly no tights. Follow the secret passage at the back of the store for seminars on how you too can become a super hero.

Address: 372 5th Avenue, 11215, Brooklyn

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3. Duke of Uke, London, UK

London's one and only Ukulele and Banjo Emporium, the Duke prides itself on serving as a cultural hub for its neighbourhood, providing ukulele lessons, hosting events, and promoting musical performances in the area. Rumour has it that John Lennon bought his first guitar here.

Address: 88 Cheshire Street London E2 6EH

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4. Deyrolle Taxidermy, Paris, France

On entering this shop you’ll come face-to-face with stuffed animals of all sizes, from butterflies and beetles through to elks, zebras and bears. Some are even dressed in human clothes. You can pop into the entomology room out back, too.

Operating since 1831, it’s the go-to place for Parisians hoping to preserve the memory of a cherished pet, or looking for a stuffed flamingo to brighten up the sitting room.

Address: 46, rue du Bac, 75007, Paris

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5. Zombie Apocalypse Store, Las Vegas, USA

Zombies are on the brink of a world attack. Do you have what it takes to survive? No? Then you’d better pop by this store on the outskirts of Vegas and stock up on 500lbs of freeze-dried food, stun guns, and tasers.

Oh, and a sword. You’ve got to chop off a zombie’s head to kill it, remember?

Address: 3420 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas, USA

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Main Image: Witches' Market, La Paz (Shutterstock)

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