Introducing the world’s longest treetop walk

Interact with nature and enjoy incredible mountain views on this spectacular new treetop walk in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

3 mins

From the summer of 2021, the world's longest treetop walk has connected the two villages of Laax Murschetg and Laax Dorf in the Grisons region of Switzerland.

Known as Senda dil Dragun (‘Way of the Dragon’), the 1.5 kilometre walkway leads through thick forest, at eye level with the trees, up to 28 metres above the ground.

Those strolling it will find viewing platforms dotted along the way, offering benches to rest on as well as spectacle views across the trees to the Alps beyond. There are also interpretive panels about the forest's flora and fauna.

(Flims Laax Falera/Philipp Ruggli)

(Flims Laax Falera/Philipp Ruggli)

At the end, the more adventurous can leave the walkway via a spiral slide.

The skywalk is part of the Flims Laax Falera resort and will be a year-round attraction.

In winter, the far-reaching views of the snow-covered Alps promise to be spectacular.

Tickets for the Senda Dil Dragun treetop walk start at CHF16 ($17.56) for adults, 8CHF ($9) for children ages 17 and younger. Visit for more information. 

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