5 reasons your kids will love glamping

Glamping offers the excitement and adventure of camping with a dash of added comfort and charm. Here’s why your kids will say it's the best holiday your family has ever had

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1: Everyone gets a good night’s sleep

A good night's sleep guaranteed (Globalmouse.com)
A good night's sleep guaranteed (Dreamstime)

Getting a good night’s sleep is absolutely key to a good family holiday. A poor night’s sleep can ruin everyone’s day when morning finally breaks.

That’s not a problem you’ll have when you go glamping. Forget the air mattresses and sleeping bags. Most glamping options come with proper beds, complete with plump duvets and comfortable pillows.

The result is that my kids sleep better than they do at home. Glamping provides the best of both worlds: access to fresh air and the sounds of the countryside as well as a decent bed to snuggle down in.


2: Glamping is more sociable

Kids playing in field during summer (Dreamstime)
Kids playing in field during summer (Dreamstime)

Glamping trips are a great place to meet friends, for both you and the children. While traditional camping trips can leave you holed up in your tent, especially if the weather turns bad, glamping accommodation often comes with a little terrace to sit out on, making it easier to meet your neighbours.

Imagine evening drinks while the sun goes down, with the kids playing an impromptu frisbee game on the field outside. It’s the perfect bonding opportunity for families.


3:  You can cook a proper breakfast

Cooking an omelette for breakfast (Dreamstime)
Cooking an omelette for breakfast (Dreamstime)

It’s true that it is possible to have a cooked breakfast while you’re camping, using a tiny camping stove and undersized utensils. But glamping takes breakfast to a whole new level, with many places coming with electing hobs, kettles and even microwaves.

The only limit is your imagination and what you’ve got stocked in the fridge. (There’s one of those too). We’ve been known to cook up a huge breakfast feast with sausages, fried potatoes, eggs and pancakes, eaten at a lovely big wooden table inside the tent, which is perfect.

4: It works in all weathers

Firing up the log burner in a yurt (Dreamstime)
Firing up the log burner in a yurt (Dreamstime)

How many of your summer camping holidays have been ruined by the vaguaries of the British weather? That’s not a problem with glamping. Most places come with indoor log burners, heaters, duvets and even an ensuite with hot showers.

For me and the kids, this is one of the real delights of glamping. Not for us shivering away in our sleeping bag at ten in the morning. We’re on holidays to enjoy ourselves.

5: The surroundings are inspiring

Kick back and enjoy the sunshine (Dreamstime)
Kick back and enjoy the sunshine (Dreamstime)

Most glamping sites are set in beautiful locations, utilising accommodation that sit perfectly in their surroundings. Whether that’s a wagon in the woods or a yurt in a gloriously green field, your kids will find glamping exotic, adventurous and fun.

They are often decorated in a way that appeals to kids too. Many come with hand-stitched bunting, gorgeous cushions, pretty bedspreads and colourful crockery. They are really inspiring places to stay, making you and your family you feel happy to be in them.

Nichola West is Editor of UK family travel blog, Globalmouse Travels

Main image: Comfy interior of holiday yurt  (Dreamstime)

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