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When cute animals get grumpy

Even with seemingly innocent critters, there's one thing every traveller should remember: You're on their turf now...

Penguin attack! (Youtube: MoonGrate)

1. Don't feed the fish!

This American family got more than they bargained for when they took a short cut through a drainage ditch on the Spoon River in West Central Illinois. You don't often see fish get angry, but when you do, it's Biblical!

2. Beware! Peeved penguins

Is there anything funnier than a man wearing hi-viz orange trousers fall over on the snow? Yes. A man wearing hi-viz orange trousers falling over on the snow, squealing, because he is being chased by penguin.

3. Marsupial mischief

Proof that kangaroos have a sense of humour too.

4. Ram versus motorcyclist

Ram protecting his turf. Motorcyclist trying to get around him. It was only ever going to end one way.

5. KO'd by koalas

Why you should never get between a koala and his gum leaves.

6. Sloth Attack (Actual speed)

Sloths are slow to anger. And equally slow to attack.

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