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What can you expect from Wanderlust magazine in 2020?

As the new year approaches, we thought we'd share a sneak peek at what's to come inside the pages of Wanderlust magazine in 2020...

Bamboo Forest, Kyoto, Japan (Shutterstock)

As the skies darken earlier and the temperatures get ever frostier (at least, here in the UK), we thought we'd look ahead - beyond Christmas, to the brand new year (and beginning of a new decade!) of 2020.

Here's a little look at what's to come from the next 10 issues of Wanderlust magazine, including a few sneak peeks at features to expect, plus how to make sure you've got your copy sorted. No trip to the shops required!

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2020's top trips

India and the Taj Mahal feature in our top trips for 2020 guide (Shutterstock)

India and the Taj Mahal feature in our top trips for 2020 guide (Shutterstock)

We'll be revealing the top 50 new trips for 2020, carefully curated by our expert team of travel journalists and experts. Visiting old favourites and discovering new destinations, featuring everything from culture-rich experiences and learning journeys to wild, far-flung adventures with the world's rarest creatures - we've got them all.

Travel slower, for longer

Sunset a the south gate of Angkor Wat, Cambodia (Shutterstock)

Sunset a the south gate of Angkor Wat, Cambodia (Shutterstock)

2020 is the year of travelling slow and (if possible) travelling for longer. There's value in hopping from place to place, sure, but there's also something to be said for staying put and immersing yourself in a travel classic, or a completely new culture. 

The longer you travel for, the more you can live your destination, rather than simply experience it. You can expect plenty of perspectives on this one: stories from our travel writers, recommendations for where to lay down your hat and top tips for making it happen.

Even further off-the-beaten-track

Baobab trees in Madagascar at sunset (Shutterstock)

Baobab trees in Madagascar at sunset (Shutterstock)

Is there anywhere left undiscovered on the planet? Wanderlust will aim to answer that very question, as our 2020 issues take us deep into the hearts of countries still waiting to be fully explored: Guyana, Sao Tome and Principe, and Madagascar, just to name a few.

Well, we can't give them all away! We'll also be taking you to the lesser-seen sides of our favourites: Malta, Morocco, Finland, Indonesia and many, many more. We can't wait...

Going greener

Bamboo Forest, Kyoto, Japan (Shutterstock)

Bamboo Forest, Kyoto, Japan (Shutterstock)

We've hosted events on the topic of sustainable travel and revealed our green travel product picks -  and we're constantly sharing ways to play your part in making travel (and our daily lives) more sustainable: just look at our 25 ways to travel and still save the planet, or our readers' excellent advice for ditching single-use plastics.

We've even changed the packaging we use for delivering magazines to subscribers to get rid of plastic for good - but there's always more to be done. In 2020, we'll be going even greener as the world asks its biggest, most significant question to date: how do we tackle climate change?

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