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10 weird foods in a tin

They'll put anything in a tin these days. Here's a collection of the weirdest... Including a whole chicken


1. Whole chicken, USA

chicken in a tin

The goo helps it slide right out the tin.

2. Cheeseburger, Sweden


When a microwave isn’t convenient enough.

3. Fish mouths, Russia


Jaws. In a tin.

4. Roasted cricket with eggs, Thailand

Because cricket on its own would be plain weird.

5. Squid, Philippines




6. Bird's nest drink, China



Tweet refreshment.

7. Silk worm pupae, Korea



For when there’s no fresh silkworm pupae.

8. Rattlesnake, USA



Should probably come with a warning but instead comes with a serving suggestion.

9. Grass jelly, Singapore



Jelly and ice cream will never be the same again.

10. Pork brains, USA



That’s all folks.

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