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Wanderlust's travel plans for 2012

Need trip inspiration for 2012? Or simply want to know the Wanderlust team a bit better? Check out some of our travel plans for the year ahead

Need trip inspiration for 2012? Check out what some of the Wanderlust team are up to in the coming year

Lyn Hughes – Editor in Chief and Wanderlust co-founder

"Having seen in the New Year in lovely Connemara, Ireland, my next destinations are going to be the Destinations shows at Manchester and Earls Court, with a weekend in between at Olympia for the Adventure Travel Show. It's always a real buzz to meet fellow travellers at them, and I'll come back with even itchier feet."

"Once they're out of the way, I'm hoping to make it to Indochina; a part of the world I've never been. I'll probably go to Laos, although Vietnam or Cambodia are fighting for my attention too."

"On the wishlist for the rest of the year are Namibia, Brazil, Ukraine, Newfoundland and Tasmania. No doubt I won't make them all, but I do hope to get a short UK break in here or there. In the last couple of years I've been knocked out by the charms of Arnundel, Arnside (Cumbria), Aviemore and Dartmouth. So, I'm looking forward to exploring England, Scotland and Wales a bit more."

Dan Linstead – Editor of Wanderlust magazine

“I'll be hitting the big four-oh early in 2012, and will be loafing around in Ellingham Hall in Northumberland with lots of friends to celebrate – and then walking it all off along the dramatic north-east coastline.

“After that, I’m hoping to get to South Africa’s Eastern Cape, exploring the Wild Coast and introducing my kids to some real-life wild things. And my vaguer hankerings for the year ahead include some island-hopping in Croatia (I spent a long weekend in Dubrovnik this year), a proper mountain trek (potentially Nepal?) and a tequila-soaked, cactus-dotted road trip from Mexico City to Cancun via Oaxaca.

“Does that sound like a mid-life crisis?”

Daisy Cropper – Assistant Website Editor

“I'm rubbish at planning my travels. I dream and dream... and dream, but don't book or organise anything. So here's my year's plans but whether I actually do any of them or not is another thing entirely!

“I'm bringing in the New Year in Estonia... At least that's one trip set in stone. A week long trip exploring the snow-filled streets of Tallinn and (if it's not too cold) hopefully a few day trips further afield.

“Later in the year, I'm planning a trip to Sri Lanka, hopefully a trip up to Scotland (when it stops blowing a gale) and a trip to Tuscany for the bf's birthday. It's going to be a very exciting year!”

Simon Chubb – Technology Director

"Laos has long been on the list of places I really, really want to get to. Unfortunately, I haven’t made it yet, but I’m hoping 2012 is the year I do. I’ve heard so many great things about it from Wanderlust readers I’ve met at various events, and it always does really well in the annual Wanderlust Travel Awards.

"I’ve heard great things about Luang Prabang and the Plain of Jars so now it’s just a case of clearing the time off with the boss, packing my bags and getting on that plane!"

Pauline Moore – Accounts Assistant

“It's a big celebratory year for the Moores during 2012 with my son's 21st, daughter's 16th, husband's 50th and our 25th Wedding Anniversary.

“My first thoughts are to jet said hubbie off to Vegas, before venturing to the Grand Canyon during May. Then in June, I'm taking 30 children (none of my own!), to Snowdonia for a week of mountain/gorge walking, caving, sailing and generally being worn out.

“July brings our annual trek to Devon with friends, spending a week under canvas and several centimetres of water – it doesn't stop raining. Finally, we're heading off later in the year for two weeks to find sunshine and Mayan ruins in Mexico.”

Tom Hawker – Production Editor

"Having blown our savings on 2011's West Coast extravaganza (and failing to win it back in Vegas) we're looking closer to home this year. A cosy cottage in the Cotswolds with lots of friends, with a view to long, cheap treks and longer, less-cheap trips to the pub.

"Although there’s always the long-mulled over possibility of heading out to the fiscal violator that is Iceland. Just don’t tell my wife or our budget spreadsheet."

Sam Blissett – Sales Executive

“I'm a self-confessed wish-list maker. Since working at Wanderlust, my "travel to-do list" has grown and grown. Basically I want to go everywhere.

“So far, I am heading to northern Cuba in February to celebrate my mum turning 50. My 2012 wish list also includes plans to head to Paris, Marrakech for a long weekend with a few days in Essaouira and Italy later on in the summer.

“I will no doubt spend the early part of the year planning my travels for 2013!”

Emily Edwards – Marketing Executive

“I'm planning a journey around Morocco in the New Year, where I'll practise my bargaining skills in the bustling markets of Marrakech. Followed by a bit of trekking in the breathtaking mountains and possibly an overnight trip in the desert.

“In the summer I'm hoping to hire a scooter and explore Sicily with a tent on my back. Exploring one beach to another while taking in the beautiful scenery and enjoying the local cuisine.”

What trips are you planning for in 2012? Post your travel plans below or on the myWanderlust forum. When you've been on a trip tell us about it with a Just Back From entry on myWanderlust.

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