Wanderlust magazine launches a new travel podcast

The wait is over. Wanderlust: Off the Page is the hot new podcast series for 2022, available to stream now!

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 The UK’s leading independent travel magazine has officially launched the first series of a brand new podcast.

Wanderlust: Off the Page, sponsored by Battleface Travel Insurance, is set to transport Wanderlust readers and passionate explorers to the world’s most intrepid destinations across multiple episodes.

Founding editor Lyn Hughes and special features editor Rosie Fitzgerald are the podcast hosts, with regular Wanderlust contributor Aaron Millar leading the interviews, speaking with writers, experts and explorers to uncover their fascinating stories from the road.

Altogether, there are three episodes in the first series, each exploring different corners of the world.

Wanderlust’s founding editor Lyn Hughes said: "We’re always looking for the best ways to serve our audience of keen, discerning travellers, and so we have been itching to launch our own podcast. We look forward to highlighting our award-winning storytelling and fantastic authors, and sharing insights and top tips on some of the world’s top travel experiences."

What to expect in each episode of Wanderlust: Off the Page

The first episode with editor-in-chief George Kipouros, founding editor Lyn Hughes and special features editor Rosie Fitzgerald dives into the Wanderlust Hot List for 2022. Featured in the latest issue (February/March) The Hot List explorers the best countries, regions and cities picked by Wanderlust editors and readers. These destinations have some of the most exciting plans for the year ahead and in this episode, the editors hone in on their favourite from the Hot List: Malta, Brazil and AlUla.

The second episode recalls the fascinating past of nineteenth century explorer Isabella Bird, and in particular, her affinity with the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Podcast host Aaron Millar, with the help of historic experts, tells her story, and how her writings have helped Estes Park become the well-known town and tourist attraction it is today.

In episode three, we speak to award-winning travel writer Shafik Meghji to uncover the enchanting and remote Rapa Nui, or Easter Island, learning about Shafik’s first hand experiences and diving into the destination’s remarkable history, indigenous culture and nature.

The first ever series of Wanderlust: Off the Page, is out today (24 March) and available across streaming platforms including Apple, Spotify and Outcast.

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