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Inside our Make Travel Matter event: What we learned from Céline Cousteau

Our panel, led by Lyn Hughes and conservationist Céline Cousteau, shares their tips for responsible travellers at our recent Wanderlust reader event. Here are just a few things we've learned...

Céline Cousteau, conservationist and explorer

Our Make Travel Matter reader event took on a serious subject: how we can all be more responsible, sustainable, eco-conscious travellers. Our editor-in-chief Lyn Hughes spoke to intrepid explorer and conservationist Céline Cousteau about her efforts to protect the planet, and to discuss the latest trips with a sustainable element, spanning Jordan, Peru and Italy.

Then, our women-led panel, including Shannon Guihan, TreadRight's Chief Sustainability Officer, and Claire Hanney, Head of Travel Experiences for Insight Vacations & Luxury Gold, shared their tips for transforming into a responsible traveller.

Here's just a few things we learned from the evening...

Always try to buy local

Think locally. Can you get involved in your local community, or champion small businesses? 

Even during our event, we showcased global flavours through a British lens - using only UK produce and local artisan or craft suppliers. Ethical and delicious.

Even small gestures matter

Climate change is a global issue - so how can one person make a difference? Our panel says: don't ever think your contribution isn't important.

Small changes lead to bigger ones. Simply switching to a reusable water bottle and questioning single-use plastics in day to day life encourages those around you to do the same.

Travel off-season

Overtourism is a serious issue, particularly in certain parts of the world. That said, shaming travellers for travelling helps nothing.

Instead, focus on the fact you're supporting the economic growth, job creation and local initiatives in the place you visit. And travel off-season, where you can, to help re-set the balance. 

Ask yourself tough questions

Is there more you can do - on the road and at home - to play your part in a more sustainable world? 

It's not easy to think you're 'part of the problem', but by asking these questions - or even popping by our event - you're already doing more than most...

Big thanks to our partners at the TreadRight Foundation for their support & expertise

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