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Warning: Don't smile at the French

A selection of VisitBritain's hilarious online country profiles. What have they said about your country?

Cliched French Man (Sacre Bleu)

VisitBritain's online country profiles have come in for criticism lately, with many complaining that the list of  'dos and don'ts' for the UK tourism industry contain too many stereotypes and generalisations.

Among the advice given, tourism operators and hotel staff are urged to:

1. Understand that Indians are amiable but tend to change their minds quite frequently

2. Avoid talking politics with Belgians

3. Find nicer alternatives to the word "no" for Japanese tourists

4. Don't offend Canadians by calling them Americans

5. Deal promptly with any complaint from German or Austrian tourists, who can be "straightforward and demanding" to the point of "seeming rude and aggressive"

6. Avoid making too much eye contact or smiling at the French

7. Don't give rooms with low ceilings to Russians as they are a tall nation

8. Don't put superstitious people from Hong Kong in four-poster beds as they associate them with ghosts

9. Expect Australians to be very direct and to the point but sometimes hard to read, and don't be offended when they joke about the 'Poms'

10. Be mindful of the distance Australian visitors have travelled, as they may have not slept for 30 hours and could show signs of intolerance

What do you think? Are the suggestions offensive? Are there any you think they missed out on? Tell us in the comments below.

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