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List Words : Wanderlust team | 27 November 2017

7 unique Northern Lights adventures you’ll want to book now

Don’t just watch the Northern Lights. 'Experience' them. From snowshoeing in Lapland to sleeping in a Sami tent, you’ll encounter the lights in a way you will never forget...

1: Do a snowshoe shuffle under bright Northern Lights

Snowshoeing in Abisko (KE Adventure Travel)

Snowshoeing in Abisko (KE Adventure Travel)

Experience a winter trek under the dancing Northern Lights on this active winter holiday with KE Adventure Travel.

Under the watchful eyes of an experienced guide, you’ll strap on snowshoes and head into Abisko National Park, a vast wilderness in Swedish Lapland. 200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, the area lies under an atmospheric ‘blue hole’ that ensures clear skies most nights and makes it one of the best places to see the Northern Lights.

This is a real winter adventure that will see you trekking through pristine white landscapes, tracking the area's wildlife and staying in remote cabins on the shore of frozen Lake Alesjaure. On returning to ‘civilization’ in the tiny settlement of Abisko, there’s the chance to try dog-sledding, ice-climbing or Nordic skiing.

Trip: Northern Lights Snowshoe Safari

Who: KE Adventure Travel

When:16, 23 Feb & 2,16 Mar 2018

How long: 6 days

How much: From 1,145 (exc. flights)

2: Have a whale of a time in Iceland

Northern Lights in Iceland (Dreamstime)

Northern Lights in Iceland (Dreamstime)

Head deep into western Iceland, chasing both whales and the Northern Lights, on this wildlife and wild lights adventure with Wildlife Worldwide.

The bay of Grundarfjordur in western Iceland is a wildlife lover’s delight. Birdlife is abundant and whales are frequent visitors. Based in the countryside, set amidst lava fields, and within the imposing, glacier-topped volcano of Snaefellsjokull in western Iceland in sight, you’ll chase orca by day and aurora by night.

The trip includes two whale-watching expeditions by boat, as well as the chance to explore the Snaefellsnes Peninsula and visit Stykkisholmur, a small fishing village known as the ‘Town of a Thousand Islands.’ The peninsula is lightly inhabited, so at night, when the Lights come out to play, you’ll see them bright and clear.

Trip: Orcas & Northern Lights

Who: Wildlife Wordlwide

When: 28 Feb & 7, 11, 15, 24 28 Mar 2018

How long: 5 days

How much: From £1,321 (exc. flights)

3: Discover the bright lights of Canada’s Yukon

Inquisitive polar bear cubs in the Yukon (Dreamstime)

Inquisitive polar bear cubs in the Yukon (Dreamstime)

Experience Canada’s wild frontier at its picture-perfect best on this winter adventure with Windows On The Wild.

The Yukon, in Canada's wild northwest, is a vast region of spectacular landscapes, rustic frontier towns and thriving native cultures. It's also one of the best places on Earth to catch a glimpse of the remarkable Aurora Borealis, from your yurt, complete with beautiful interior fir latticework and a large circular skylight for watching the light show from the privacy of your own bed.

The Wilderness Yurt Basecamp is set on the banks of the pristine Ibex River. All meals are cooked on woodstoves, including the Artic Grayling you’ll catch while ice-fishing, with a rustic microbrewery nearby providing the refreshments. Spend your days dog-sledding, fishing, snowshoeing or polishing your photography skills, or in the sauna and hot tub in the camp's wood cabin ‘headquarters'.

Trip: Wilderness Yurt Camp in Whitehorse, Yukon

Who: Windows On The Wild

When: Departures Nov-Mar

How long: 4 days

How much: POA

4: Sleep with the Lights on in Finland

Levi igloo (Wexas Travel)

Levi igloo (Wexas Travel)

Enjoy uninterrupted views of the Northern Lights from the comfort of your bed on this extraordinary trip deep into Arctic Finland with Wexas Travel.

Imagine staying in your own private glass-ceilinged igloo, kicking back on your bed, hands behind your head, and watching the swirling Northern Lights dancing right above you. That knock on the door? That’s just the concierge telling you that your traditional Lappish soup dinner will be served in the cosy tipi-style restaurant.

Set in the remote fells near Kittilä, there are plenty of winter activities to drag you away from your igloo. Lake Äkäslompolo is a short snowshoe walk away and Ylläs skiing centre is nearby too. This being Finland, a sauna and hot tub await at the end of each day.

Trip: Glass Igloos & Northern Lights

Who: Wexas Travel

When: Flexible departure dates

How long: 5 days

How much: From £1,165 (exc. flights)

5: Bed down inside an ice sculpture in Sweden

Art Suite, Icehotel (Dreamstime)

Art Suite, Icehotel (Dreamstime)

Experience a unique and stylish short break you’ll never forget, bedding down on reindeer skins in the Icehotel with Discover The World.

The Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi in Swedish Lapland was the first in the world. Each year, over 60 rooms are built from snow and crystal-clear ice from the frozen river nearby.  Ranging from simple snow rooms to art suites adorned with stunning ice sculptures and flushed with subtle lighting, the sight as you open the main reindeer-skin clad doors is breathtaking.

You’ll spend one night in a snow room and two nights in warm accommodation. For a real treat, upgrade to one of the magnificent Art Suites, designed by artists from all over the world and featuring unique designs, striking ice reliefs and sculptures. You’ll also get the chance to try your hand at ice-sculpting or ice-driving, or even dog-mushing on the optional husky sled transfer from the airport.

Trip: IceHotel Break

Who: Discover The World

When: Flexible departures Dec - Mar

How long: 3 nights (some 4 nights)

How much: From £1,154 (inc. flights)

6: Chase the Lights on horseback

Riding in the snow (Exodus)

Riding in the snow (Exodus)

Explore Sweden’s vast icy north by horse and by husky on this active winter break with Exodus.

Based in the historic Villa Batstad, you will discover a staggering landscape of spruce forest, frozen lakes and isolated trails. Each day brings a new adventure. You will snowshoe, snowmobile and cross-country ski, try your hand at ice fishing and camp out overnight in a traditional Sami tent.

You will also ride through ancient forests, silent but for the jangle of your horses bridle. If you’re truly lucky, the Lights will put on a show overhead.

Trip: Swedish winter adventure

Who: Exodus

When: Flexible departures Dec- Feb

How long: 7 days

How much: From £1,049

7: See the Northern Lights through the eyes of an expert

Watching the Northern Lights through a telescope (Dreamstime)

Watching the Northern Lights through a telescope (Dreamstime)

Become an expert on the Aurora Borealis on this trip to Iceland in the company of a professional astronomer with Explore.

Staying in hand-picked locations ideal for viewing the Northern Lights, you’ll venture out at night not just to see the Lights, but to understand them as well. Renowned astronomer Andrew Green will be on hand to explain what you are seeing and regale you with stories and information about the atmospheric conditions that create them.

By day, you’ll explore Iceland’s famous Golden Circle, including Thingvellir National Park, Gullfoss Waterfall and Strokkur Geyser. You will also unwind in the geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon, sharing your new found knowledge with fellow travellers that are not lucky enough to have Andrew around to explain it to them.

Trip: Northern Lights with an expert astronomer

Who: Explore

When: Selected dates Oct-March

How long: 4 days

How much: From £1,179 (inc. flights)