Why Trump's decision to lift the ban on elephant trophies stinks

Chris Packham and Paul Goldstein, currently guiding together in Antarctica, react to Donald Trump's decision to allow elephant trophies to be imported back to the USA

4 mins

Just when you think that Mr Trump has scraped the bottom of his murky and negligent environmental barrel, he pulls another ace out of his sordid pack.

The ice will melt, the skies will darken, our cities will flood but, long before all of that there will be no elephants. Legal, illegal, this is semantics, whatever measures are being put into place to help these persecuted species are not working. 40,000 last year were poached there are only 400,00 left. Trophy hunting is hardly going to assist this figure.

Most of the world's hearts are bleeding for what remains of these animal's populations, a tiny proportion of psychopathic butchers think otherwise. These ethically still-born moral perverts still want to pull the trigger on one of the world's greatest national treasures. Worse, if it could possibly be, they want it's still dripping severed head nailed to their not inconsiderable walls so they can brag about it.

It sickens the two of us as it sickens any fully paid up member of the human race.

Chris Packham & Paul Goldstein



Main image by Paul Goldstein

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