Teenage FanClub (Donald Milne)
List 19 May 2017

7 of the greatest ever songs about travel

From the joys of the open road to stepping into the unknown, these 7 great songs, by the likes of Bjork, Teenage Fanclub and Baaba Maal, capture the spirit of travel - the perfect soundtrack for your next trip...

1: Wanderlust by Bjork

It was very kind of Bjork to name her song after a certain travel magazine. On this dramatic epic, Iceland's most famous singer talks of “relentless restlessness” to step away from society and everything that's familiar: “Whenever the unknown surrounds me / I receive it’s embrace.” 


2: The Traveller by Baaba Maal

A warm euphoric track from Senegalese singer/guitarist, with Maal discussing the tough times and lessons learned from a lifetime of travel, as well as all the “colours and sounds and different cultures” he’s absorbed along the way. 


3: The Passenger by Iggy Pop

Anthemic classic, with Pop singing about the joys of driving around in a car, out of the "city's backside" and into the open land beneath the stars: "We'll see the bright and hollow sky / The sky was made for us tonight." 

4: Planets by Teenage FanClub

A fine string-laden moment from Scotland's Teenage FanClub, about leaving the city behind and "going over the country / And into the Highlands," which is one of travel's great pleasures. 


5: Let The Wind Carry Me by Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell wrestles with the voices of domesticity vs a life of movement and travel: “Sometimes I get that feeling / And I wanna settle / But it passes like the summer / I'm a
wild seed again / Let the wind carry me. 


6: Trans-Europe Express by Kraftwerk

There's nothing quite like a great train journey across Europe, though it's hard to tell how much Germany's influential Kraftwerk enjoyed the ride on this eerie, robotic, electronic track. 

7: I’ve Been Everywhere by Johnny Cash

'Crossed the deserts bare, man / I've breathed the mountain air, man / Travel, I've had my share, man," sings Cash, as he lists a long, long list of American cities to prove it, from "Reno, Chicago, Fargo, Minnesota, Buffalo..." through to "Kansas City, Sioux City, Cedar City, Dodge City..."


Main image: Teenage FanClub (Donald Milne).