Top tips for mountain biking in Morocco

Cycling development manager at Exodus Olly Townsend reveals what makes the Anti-Atlas mountain-bike heaven

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Ask most mountain bikers what attracts them to an area for a biking trip and they’ll normally say good trails, decent weather, nice hotels and ace food, although not always in that order.

Set within the rocky, Kasbah-dotted terrain of southern Morocco, the Anti-Atlas mountains offer all this in spades, so here are some of the highlights.

Best Single Track

The Tafraoute Palmery trail – 2km of amazing flowing, swooping single track, which carves its way between the palm trees and rugged rocks on the run into Tafraoute, in the Amein Valley.

Best Hotel

The hotel above the Cascades d’Immouzer – amazing location with views down towards the coast, fantastic food (try the local pancakes and honey at breakfast) and lovely staff.

Favourite Moroccan Dish

Kefta tangine – lamb meatballs cooked in a rich tomato and herb-based sauce, eaten with fresh local bread and all washed down with a glass of hot, sweet mint tea.

Most jaw-dropping view

Looking down from Tizi Tasrite into the stunning valley below – the Anti-Atlas mountains at their finest!

Olly Townsend is cycling development manager at Exodus and has led over 40 mountain-bike trips in Morocco’s Anti-Atlas. Their eight-day Atlas Descent tour starts from £999. For more details visit the Exodus website.

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