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Top 5 tips for making the most of Marrakech

Exciting, enchanting and intimidating: Marrakech is a city of extremes. Barnaby Davies shares his top tips for making the most of your stay

Take a taxi (Adam De-Ste-Croix)

1. Taxi talk

Use the traditional Arabic greeting “Salaam alaikum” when getting in a taxi and ask the driver to switch on the meter (which they should do by law anyway).

2. Souk etiquette

Walk on the right and don’t make sudden movements – a passing moped rider may only leave a few inches to squeeze through.

3. Opening hours

The famous Hotel La Mamounia is closed to visitors at weekends; during the week you won’t be allowed in wearing shorts, sandals or trainers.

4. Super saleswomen

Be wary of the henna ladies in Djemaa el Fna - they are very persuasive. They’ll ‘just’ henna a finger as a demonstration, which turns into a whole hand, which equals €5.

5. Money matters

You can’t use surplus dirhams for duty free shopping (it's dollars or plastic only), and you'll need the original receipt if you're changing local currency back into pounds.

Barnaby Davies travelled to Marrakech with Wanderlust Journeys

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