Top 5 tips for haggling in Marrakech

Marrakech is a great place to practice the ancient art of haggling, says Rachael Rowe

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1. Know when to haggle

Find out what's considered fair game for haggling and what's not, such as food.

2. Decide if you actually want it

It's considered rude to begin asking a price and then walking away halfway through a deal. There is no point haggling for something that you're not going to enjoy having in your home.

3. Have the right attitude

Be polite and compliment the shop-keeper on the display and ask questions about how items are made. It's not a multi-million pound deal so smile and treat it as fun, not as a competition. 

4. Let the game begin!

Once the shopkeeper gives a price, offer something ridiculously low and wait for the look of amazement on his face. Gradually come up until you reach a deal you are both happy with, usually around half the original price.

5. Keep things in perspective 

Remember that the souks represent a whole micro-economy and community who need to make a living in a country where there is no social care or benefits system. 

Walk through a souk after dark and you may see people sleeping on the street, so remember there is often a fine line between employment and poverty. 

Rachael Rowe travelled to Marrakech with Wanderlust Journeys

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