Top 5 activities in Ontario, Canada

There are copious ways to enjoy the great outdoors in Ontario, here are our top five suggestions

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1. Cruise along sparkling lakes and rivers

Hop into a kayak and experience the world’s largest network of canoe routes. You’ll be spoilt for choice, as there are 400,000 sparkling rivers and lakes to choose from.

There are options for complete beginners and seasoned kayakers with steady currents and wild rapids coursing through the intricate network.

Outfitters can provide equipment and guides so all you need to do is pitch up and join in.

2. Take in a bird’s eye view

Soar over Georgian Bay on a float-plane tour, taking in pine-clad islands and serene waters. With over 30,000 islands dotted across the bay there’s plenty to see and do, once you’ve landed.

Fishing trips, to otherwise inaccessible places are popular, although don’t worry about other people, privacy is effortless in these rugged and sublime surroundings.

Georgian Bay tourism has more information on float-plane tours and activities.

3. Discover all 1,000 islands

The 1,000 islands region offers visitors a romantic retreat all year round, but don’t be put off by the loved-up couples – there’s still plenty of adventure around. Explore the region by foot, canoe, quad bike, boat or plane.

Climb the 1,000-islands Skydeck Tower on Hill Island to experience the islands in all their colourful glory: fiery reds in autumn or peachy pinks in spring.

4. Examine ancient rock art

Peteroglyphs Provincial Park is renowned for its enigmatic rock carvings. Located deep within a forested corner northeast of Peterborough, the park contains the largest known concentration of Aboriginal rock carvings in Canada.

See if you can spot all 900 whilst meandering along the extensive hiking trails in the surrounding forests, wetlands and rocky ridges.

5. Wildlife watching and seasonal activities

Different seasons equate to different activities: observe wild grey wolves in the warmer months and touch the treetops on a walking canopy tour, or in the winter months hop on a dog-sled and slide across the pristine drifts. Snow-shoeing, cross country skiing and orienteering are other popular activities.

With cosy log cabins waiting for you, what else could you want?

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