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Top 10 trips for disabled travellers

Travelling with a wheelchair has its challenges but here are ten top trips you CAN take, says accessible travel expert Gordon Rattray

Hit the slopes (Pablo Fausto)

1. East African safari

There are operators with accessible vehicles and knowledge of adapted accommodation in all the major parks.

2. Ancient Peru

Explore Machu Picchu – you may need help to navigate the steep stone stairways, but this is easily organised.

3. Victoria Falls, Zambia

Few viewpoints are completely step-free, but help is readily offered and surrounding activities – including rafting, helicopter flights and game drives – can all be adapted to accommodate limited mobility.

4. Galápagos Islands

Rediscover the Darwin-inspiring wildlife off mainland Ecuador. A professional kayaker accompanies trips in two-person kayaks, and a wheelchair-friendly guesthouse can be used in San Cristóbal.

5. Patagonia

 See the fjords and forests by light aircraft, and the ice floes of the Beagle Channel by catamaran. Experienced operators use minibuses with ramps and hotels with step-free bathrooms.

6. Alaska

Navigate Alaska’s Glacier Bay by accessible boat, hopefully spotting wolves and bears on the snow-clad mountains. A refitted ex-minesweeper operates in the region, with widened decks and lifts – you can even be securely winched into a kayak!

7. Taj Mahal, India

There is now gently ramped entry into the mausoleum and wheelchairs are available.

8. Down Under

With a few extra harnesses and a bit of manhandling, Australia and New Zealand now include extreme sports – bungee jumping, jet boating and canyon swinging – on their list of accessible options.

9. Snow sports

Many resorts are completely inclusive and sit skis exist in mono, bi or more stable ‘kart’ versions, allowing even high-level quadriplegics complete freedom.

10. Whale-watching, South Africa

Combine whale-watching on the south coast with an overland truck trip to Kruger for the ultimate 'Rainbow Nation' adventure.

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