Top 10 outdoor adventures in Canada

Get set for a wild adventure in the great outdoors in Canada

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1. Have a wild encounter in Churchill

Beluga whales flock to the waters around Cape Merry in July and August – get up close in a canoe. Missed the whales? Keep an eye out for polar bears from October to November.

2. Travel like a local in Northern British Columbia

After a day’s exploring, flag down a train in Northern BC and watch as it stops – just for you. Now that’s something you don’t get on a morning commute…

3. Take to the water in Québec

Paddle out across Québec’s mirror lakes for a taste of real solitude. Hire a boat locally or – if you’re not one for travelling light – check your own kayak onto the train at Montreal Station.

4. Get up close with grizzlies in British Columbia

Take a boat from Prince Rupert to Khutzeymateen, home of the Grizzly Bear Sanctuary, or enjoy a guided tour of the wetlands, rainforest and estuary, and learn more about the local Gits’iis tribal people.

5. Look to the skies in Saskatchewan

Cross the prairies at night and you’ll be treated to a clear sky, unpolluted by city lights – perfect for stargazing. Travel in the glass-roofed dome car for the best views.

6. Take to the slopes in Jasper

Whether it’s on a mountain bike, in hiking boots or on a pair of skis across the white stuff, the peaks of Jasper National Park are an adventure sports playground.

7. Go against the flow in Nova Scotia

When the first surge of the Bay of Fundy tide flows inland up the river, look out for the advancing wave known as the tidal bore – its white water is perfect for rafting.

8. Visit a national icon in Ontario

You’ll hear Niagara Falls before you even see it – but there’s more to do than just stand and gawp. Take a boat up to the falls, hike the Niagara Glen Nature Reserve, and sample the produce of the local St Catharines vineyards.

9. See a natural phenomenon in Hudson Bay

The skies over Hudson Bay spring into life between October and March with the dancing colours of the Northern Lights. Wrap-up warm, grab your camera, and let the world’s greatest light show happen before your eyes…

10. Catch your own dinner in New Brunswick

The tranquil Miramichi River Valley is famed for its incredible Atlantic salmon flyfishing. Sign up for a course, or try your hand with the help of a registered guide.

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